About the Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds (LGROW)

Mission of LGROW:

Discover and restore all water resources and celebrate our shared water legacy throughout our entire Grand River Watershed community.


Our Vision for the Watershed:

Swimming, drinking, fishing, and enjoying our Grand River Watershed: Connecting water with life.


Core Values of LGROW:

●Watershed activities are diverse, inclusive, and collaborative

●Watershed efforts are sustainable and of high quality

●Watershed images and messages create a widely shared sense of legacy and heritage

●Watershed methods and products are holistic and employ a systems approach

●Watershed organization and program evaluate progress and reward success


What Does LGROW Do:

LGROW brings together local municipalities and community stakeholders in a unique format to address watershed issues facing the Lower Grand River and its watersheds. LGROW promotes community education and sustainable use of our river resource. LGROW works with local communities on the NPDES and MS4 permits and grants. LGROW is committed to making the watershed an ongoing resource for all of us.


LGROW's Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017

Business Plan

LGROW Supports the Grand River Watershed by:

  • Increasing appreciation of the Grand River and its tributaries
  • Educating communities about what they can do to improve the quality of the river
  • Helping local watershed groups increase their effectiveness at a lower cost
  • Building collaborations that help local watershed groups increase their funding opportunities
  • Improving the ability of local watershed groups to market themselves
  • Engineering a central repository for watershed data and information
  • Providing a forum for sustainability issues of social equity, environmental action, and financial responsibility


Address (map): 

678 Front Ave NW, Suite 200 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504