River City Water Festival 2017

River City Water Festival 2017

River City Water Festival 2017

River City Water Festival

March 23 & 24

WMEAC hosted the 3rd annual River City Water Festival at the Grand Rapids Public Museum celebrating the Grand River and its role in Grand Rapids. Highlighting the importance of clean water and what you can do to help keep our rivers healthy, regional experts led hands-on, educational activities on environmental quality and water resources. More information at http://groundswellmi.org/river-city-water-festival/

The River City Water Festival is organized through a partnership between Groundswell and the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC). Financial support for the event comes from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Grand Valley State University College of Education.

LGROW had three stormwater activities for students to participate in:

1. Proper pet waste disposal - In this activity students were shown how pet waste can cause E.coli and other pollutants to enter our lakes, rivers, and streams, through inproper disposal. In order to prevent this students were taught proper pet waste disposal techniques.

2. Snow removal - Students saw how snow melt can cause runoff to bring pollutants into the stormdrains and into rivers and streams. Prevention tips included "shovel first, salt second", by shoveling first there will be less need for salt or sand which can cause pollution and sediment build up in rivers and streams.

3. Phosphorus free fertilizer - Students were shown how phosphorus causes algae blooms and different ways to prevent phosphorus pollution; keep grass 3" or taller to slow runoff, soak up more water and thus require less or no fertilizer; use phosphorus free fertilizer; keep fertilizer on the lawn and not on the driveway/street.