Grand River Water Trail meeting

posted July 14, 2016 under: Grand River Water Trail Blog LGROW News Blog

The Grand River is Michigan’s longest river at 252 miles. It is also a key asset in the revitalization and economic development of communities across the region, from Grand Rapids, the state’s second largest city, to smaller cities, towns, and villages throughout the watershed. West Michigan communities, organizations, and river enthusiasts have ambitious ideas. Several initiatives are underway to restore and activate the Grand River. Efforts over the past year to create a Grand River Water Trail have brought these leaders together and they are working to create this environmental, social, and economic asset that is critical to drive the region’s future success. But what is a "Water Trail"? A water trail is a designated route along a lake, river, canal or bay specifically designed for people using small boats like kayaks, canoes, single sailboats, stand up paddle boards, or rowboats. Water trails feature well-developed access and launch points; are near significant historical, environmental or cultural points of interest; and often include nearby amenities such as restaurants, hotels and campgrounds. Planning is underway to complete...

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