Bass River and Deer Creek

The Bass River sub watershed management unit encompasses 32,020 acres, and 20,297 acres (63%) is considered high quality agriculture land.  The Deer Creek sub watershed unit is 22,374 acres and 17,778 acres (79%) occupies high quality agricultural land.  The Bass River Watershed includes Bass Creek, Bass River, Bear Creek, Grand River, Little Bass Creek, and unnamed tributaries.  The Deer Creek Watershed includes Deer Creek, Grand River, and unnamed tributaries.

Water Quality

Both of these watersheds’ water quality is not being met by Water Quality Standards (WQS).  E. coli levels exceed Partial Body Contact (PBC)(fishing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.) and Total Body Contact (TBC)(swimming) recreation.  WQS must meet standards of less than 1,000 counts of E. coli / 100mL for PBC.  For TBC recreation, no more than 130 counts of E. coli / 100mL should be detected in protected waters of the state for recreation.  Neither water body can support its designated uses of total body contact, partial body contact, or warm water fishery.

Trout Streams

The Bass River Watershed has 102.5 total stream miles with 1.7 miles of State Designated Trout Streams.  The Deer Creek Watershed has 64.5 total stream miles, of which, 1.5 miles are Trout Streams.