Bear Creek Watershed

A watershed is the area of land that catches rain and snow and drains or seeps into a marsh, stream, river, lake, or groundwater. For example, all of the areas that contribute water to Bear Creek are in the Bear Creek Watershed. Since Bear Creek is part of another watershed, it is not only a watershed, but it is also a sub-watershed. Much of Cannon Township is in the Bear Creek or Rogue River Watersheds. Bear Creek and the Rogue River are sub-watersheds of the Lower Grand River Watershed. Watershed boundaries do not adhere to any city, township, county, state or federal lines and are constantly changing as the land shifts and the course of water moves. No matter where you are, you are in a watershed!

It is important to remember that things you do to your yard, throw out the window of your car, dump in the grass or gutter all ends up in the water you swim and play in, eat fish from, and drink!

All of Cannon Township is located within the Lower Grand River Watershed. The watershed that occupies the most area in the Township is the Bear Creek Watershed. Sub-watersheds within the Bear Creek Watershed are: Armstrong Creek, Stout Creek, and Waddell Creek. Within the Rogue River watershed and Cannon Township are the Barkley Creek and Rum Creek sub-watersheds. Other sub-watersheds of the Grand River represented in Cannon Township include: Chase Lake, Cowan Lake and Egypt Creek.

Watershed Management Plan

Cannon Watersheds