Regional Prosperity Initiative

Michigan’s Regional Prosperity Initiative (RPI) was developed by Governor Snyder and was approved by the legislature in 2014. The initiative encourages local private, public, and non-profit partners to work collaboratively to create vibrant regional economies. The state is divided into 10 regions with GVMC located within Region 4, the West Michigan Prosperity Alliance (WMPA). The WMPA was awarded funding in 2014 to support projects within the region that address regional economic issues. The MACC, along with GVMC and WMSRDC, submitted a proposal to work collaboratively with watershed groups within Region 4, determine funding needs, and complete a study of watershed funding alternatives within the Region. This proposed project was prioritized for funding and received funding in March 2015.

The West Michigan Watershed Collaborative (WMWC) was formed to bring together watershed partners within the region to discuss watershed priorities and funding needs. Information provided by the WMWC members is being compiled into a West Michigan Watershed Summary. An Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued in December 2015 to solicit a consultant to complete a study of sustainable funding options for watershed management plan implementation. The study was completed in October 2016 and funded by the Regional Prosperity Initiative. The MACC submitted a request for additional funding to WMPA in July 2016 to continue discussions and analysis of sustainable funding mechanisms. Additional funding was awarded from the Regional Prosperity Initiative to support this next phase of the project that will work with WMWC partners to discuss the feasibility of the funding options presented in the study and work with a consultant to analyze these discussions and develop a strategy for implementation.


West Michigan Watersheds Funding Report - PSC 10/26/2016

A New Approach to Fund Watershed Management

West Michigan Watershed Summary