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Upcoming Events

Watershed & Stormwater Seminar

The 2015 Annual Watershed/Stormwater Seminar will help you refine and expand your understanding of technical, regulatory, funding, and policy issues impacting stormwater management, surface water quality, and watershed planning. 

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21st Annual Quiet Water Symposium

At the Symposium, visitors will find presentations by world famous authors, photographers, and expedition travelers. Other presentations may cover skills, safety, local and distant destinations. Handcrafted and historic watercraft will be on display. Biking, hiking and water trails are represented.

Adults- $10, student with ID- $ 5, under 12 year free.

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LGROW's Grand River Spring Forum

Join us for LGROW's 13th Annual Grand River Spring Forum!

More details will be posted here as they become available.

Do one small thing everyday to protect our water resources

Are you interested in helping to keep the Grand River clean, safe, and available for everyone? Click here for everyday action ideas. 

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