LGROW’s Organizational Structure & Committees


LGROW’s members and partners have formed these committees to address the issues and concerns of the Watershed:

  • Technical Committee

  • Public Engagement Committee

  • Sustainability Committee

  • Subwatershed Committee

  • Fund Development Committee

These committees bring together members of the community and local municipalities to work together on watershed issues.

The Executive Board is made up of a Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair, and Chairs of each committee.


LGROW Committee Details:

Technical Committee

Meetings held every third Wednesday, every other month, 10:30am - 12:00pm at the Grand Valley Metro Council

Committee Goals

  • To coordinate the dry-weather screening process for the MS4 Illicit Discharge Elimination Program

  • To develop and implement the Lower Grand River Watershed monitoring program

  • To create and maintain a Data Repository

  • To address sampling and analysis on waterways with Total Maximum Daily Loads


Sustainability Committee

Meetings held every first Monday, every other month, 1:30pm - 2:30pm at the Grand Valley Metro Council

Committee Goals

  • To assist partners in promoting sustainable agricultural best management practices and preserving high quality farmland

  • To provide information and technical assistance to watershed stakeholders on green infrastructure and low impact development practices through education and demonstration projects

  • To engage public towards low impact developments

  • To implement the vision and the natural connections map


Public Engagement Committee

Meetings held every second Wednesday, every other month, 3:00pm - 4:00pm at the Grand Valley Metro Council

Committee Goals

  • To support programs, events, materials, and activities that help communities meet the educational requirements of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permits (MS4s)

  • To document successful implementation the Information and Education Plan of the federally-approved Lower Grand River Watershed Management Plan

  • To cooperate and collaborate with LGROW’s network to foster public education and outreach regarding shared environmental priorities


LGRW Subwatershed Committee

Meeting held quarterly throughout the Lower Grand River Watershed

Committee Goals

  • To support and coordinate with all existing subwatershed groups in the Lower Grand River Watershed by sharing ideas and resources.

  • To improve public awareness, increase membership and activity and provide support for leadership in subwatershed groups.

  • To improve water quality in all tributaries of the Lower Grand River by implementing best management practices identified in the LGR Watershed Management Plan and influence real long term changes in land use and agricultural practices.