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Lake Creek Watershed – HUC Code: 040500060311-03

Size and Location:

Lake Creek watershed is 185,806 acres in size and is a designated trout stream. Land usage throughout the watershed consists 69.8% agriculture, 23.7% forest, 4.1% urban and 2.3% other.

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Lake Creek Watershed Project

In 2013, the Ionia Conservation District received grant funds to prepare a watershed management plan for the Lake Creek Watershed.  Located in western Ionia County, Michigan, the Lake Creek Watershed is home to some of the county's most valuable environmental resources.  Through partnerships with local communities, the management plan will identify various conservation practices that will improve water quality.

For more information on the project, please contact Kaitlyn Kiessling, Watershed Coordinator, at 616-527-2620 ext. 118, or by email at kaitlyn.kiessling@mi.nacdnet.net.

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