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Save our Local Farms, Save our Local Food Conference

  • Blanford Nature Center 1715 Hillburn Avenue Northwest Grand Rapids, MI, 49504 United States (map)

The Concerned Citizens for Local Farms and Food is a cross-section of our community in Kent County, focusing on the protection and growth of local farms to provide our local food. The group is hosting a meeting at Blandford Nature Center on October 4 from 1-5pm. The meeting will bring people together to find a way to stop the loss of up to 2,500 acres per year (up to 7 acres/day) of prime farmland in Kent County.  Kent County has lost over 72,000 acres of farmland since 1978. Every year, Kent County loses up to 2,500 acres of farmland. That's seven acres per day. In total, 72,507 acres of precious, food-producing land have been lost to development since 1978. The Farmland Preservation Committee is working to prevent this loss, and put the power of the community behind resources that Kent County doesn't notice until they're gone. Join us at the Blandford Nature Center to hear from experts about why Kent County is losing farms and the possible funding options available to save them, and help us decide which approach is best for the County, your role in preserving these resources, and where to go from here. Be an ally for the preservation of our farmland today!

Given that Kent County agriculture gives to us every day, putting food on our tables and over two hundred million dollars into our local economy, in what ways can we protect it?  Who will grow our food?

These are the questions we will explore on October 4 and we want you at the table.  We hope this will be the beginning of a movement that will have empowering and resounding effects throughout the community. Farmland is a resource that we, especially in Kent County, cannot do without. You, as an ally, are an essential part of helping preserve our resources. Any other potential allies or contacts that you could bring to the table would do amazing things for our cause. Attached for your use is a short overview of the project and some materials to help get the word out about the event.  You can RSVP to the event for yourself and your colleagues at the link below, or respond with an RSVP to the group’s Facebook page. Thank you for being an important ally in our effort to save local farms and food.

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