RCPP Questions Regarding Watershed Project Plan RFP

  1. Considering the limited best management practices appropriate under this funding source do alternatives beyond the “No Action” and “Preferred” need to be developed?
    Response: Alternative actions are being developed as part of the Habitat Conservation Plan, recently submitted to US Fish & Wildlife Service. This document will be available to the consultants, once finalized, to incorporate and evaluate in the Watershed Project Plan.
  2. Is this project considered a Water Resources or Non-Water Resources project as defined by Section 501.11 of the National Watershed Program Manual?
    Response: This is a Non-Water Resources Project, as defined in the Manual:
    B. Non-Water-Resource Projects
    (1) Watershed projects that do not meet both criteria of a water resource project (for example, address one of the five identified purposes above and are implemented by an SLO) and locally implemented projects (implemented without NRCS watershed program financial assistance) are considered for the purposes of the manual to be “non-water-resource projects.” Non-water-resource projects include watershed protection, land treatment, habitat restoration, and ecosystem restoration projects.
  3. Does this project cover the full EA/EIS report or is it a scoping task to provide cost, scope, and timeline of a subsequent EA/EIS task?
    Response: The full report is required to be in the Watershed Project Plan. The task under this RFP, however, is to just summarize findings and include the EIS, which is being completed by Grand Rapids Whitewater and its partners, as an appendix.
  4. Is GVMC seeking an Environmental Assessment or an Environmental Impact Statement?Response: GVMC is working with Grand Rapids Whitewater and its state and federal partners to complete an Environmental Impact Statement.
  5. Will GVMC or other partners be able to provide data on the existing economic and recreational uses/values for the defined project area?
    Response: GRWW commissioned an Economic Impact Study a few years ago. See document here: https://grandrapidswhitewater.org/economic-impact-study/ All supporting information will also be provided to the consultants.
  6. What other ongoing economic analyses are being conducted in support of this project and will this information be provided by GVMC or other partners?
    Response: Some economic information was compiled as part of GRForward (http://grcity.us/design-and-development-services/Planning-Department/Pages/GRForward.aspx).
    Grand Action released the “Grand Rapids DestinationAsset Study” in December2016. http://grandaction.org/Downloads/ExecutiveSummary2016_12_05.pdf
    Any of this information and other documents that would be of assistance to the development of the WPP will be provided to the consultant.
Rachel FrantzRCPP