Supporting healthy Great Lakes for today and the future

A booming water recreation industry, miles of winding water trails, busy beaches and even the smoked fish dip served at family barbecues tell a story of the Michigan way of life, shaped by water and the Great Lakes. 

This Great Lakes and Fresh Water Week, June 2-10, the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes is highlighting the importance of caring for our waters so future generations can share this freshwater heritage. Click the link to see events and how you can get involve in celebrating the week. 

Small changes at home can make a great impact. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Image from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Image from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

  • Use best practices to apply lawn fertilizer
  • Plant a rain garden or use a rain barrel
  • Recycle
  • Conserve water with low-flow appliances 
  • Fix leaky pipes
  • Plant a tree
  • Use reusable bags and bottles 
  • Pick up after pets 
Rachel Frantz