Paddle with a Purpose Update, MORV’s First 38 Days

Updates From Gary & Linda De Kock

6/24/2018 High water level floated us over dreaded Sacagawea mud flats. No wind saved us miles, allowed long crossings. These are gifts from the river.

6/26/2018 Came ashore at paddlers' paradise, Tobacco Gardens. Taking an eat/sleep/rest day. Soon we forget hard times. Long we remember kind faces.

6/27/2018 Good weather on Sakakawea so we made 30 miles. A poor campsite but it's only one night. Lots of oil wells with methane flares. Very weird at night

6/29/2018 Morning has broken here in Drags Wolf Bay. The tent survived last night's pounding storm and so did we. The voyage continues.

6/29/2018 Had time for a swim but dinner is on hold while we wait for the rain to stop. Passed Independent Point today. Late start but made our 20 miles!

6/30/2018 Took 4 hours for lunch to let the lake settle. Paddlers travel not only on a sea of water but in a sea of air. Often we have to wait our turn.

7/1/2018 Have arrived at Dakota Waters another haven for weary paddlers. Plan a rest day tomorrow. We got the time and they treat us like royalty here.

7/3/2018 After near collison with speeding boat, we are relieved to be off Sakakawea. Nate will truck us over the dam like he has everyone for 20 years.

7/4/2018 35 miles +lunch in 6 hours! We are back on the river. Camp at city park in Washburn, no charge. July 4 fireworks, free. Sleep, not on the menu.

7/5/2018 Missed a turn and had to backtrack but landed on a quiet, shaded, sandy campsite. Passed 1000 mile mark today. Still taking it 1 day at a time.

7/6/2018 Met Blake for resupply and we are full to the gunwales with food, fuel and M&Ms. Camped on a high sandbar in fair breezes. River is still high

7/7/2018 Had to move the tent in the night to escape blowing sand. Had to go ashore for 2 hours to escape waves. Not able to escape the heat. Tough day.

7/9/2018 MORV’s First 38 Days - Video

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